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The numbers on a disappearing glacier: Conejeras Colombia

We spent 3 days on the Conejeras glacier last year, in the Los Nevados National Park. This is one of the most well-studied glacier in the country, with a long-term mass-balance monitoring program. Unfortunately we have just heard some sobering news directly from Dr. Jorge Luis Ceballos.

All the ablation stakes (essential to assess the health of the glacier) have now melted out, since no one has been allowed to visit the glacier since the beginning of the pandemic. Also,in a report summarising the health of the glacier from feb 2019 to feb 2020, the glacier has lost about 4.9 m water equivalent (so a loss in thickness of just over 4.9 m). The third worst mass balance since 2006. The glacier is now fragmented in two parts, the cut being at the narrowest part of the glacier (see pic above). To read the full report, click on the link below (in spanish):

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