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Our Next Expedition!

We are so excited to finally announce where our next expedition will take us! In January 2021, we will be heading to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda.

The Rwenzori is the largest mountain range home to African glaciers. Because of its remoteness, its glaciers are the least studied of Africa. With the intense rainfalls of the region, the glaciers are the highest and most permanent sources of the Nile River.

1800 years ago, Ptolemy named the Rwenzori “Lunae Montes”, the mountains of the moon. Rwenzori is a colonial-era corruption of the name “Rwe Nzururu” describing “a place of snow”. The local name is “Gambaragara” which means “The Great Leaf in which the clouds are boiled”.

The most recent scientific projections indicate that these glaciers will disappear in the next 5 years. These glaciers offer us a preview of what is to come for all the other glacierized regions of the world if we do not act soon enough. That is: a world without glaciers.

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