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We are back from our expedition in Colombia with the team Cumbres Blancas! What an extraordinary trip this has been. We would like to thank so very much Marcela Fernandez and Estefania Angel for organising everything from climbing mountains to festivals and talks in various places. Dr. Jorge Luis Ceballos from Ideam Instituto for sharing his passion, knowledge and for being an amazing human being, the guardian of these glaciers. His team! Cristian, Alejandro x 2, for all their help with the time lapse cameras. Enlaps for providing two crucial instruments for monitoring the retreat of the glaciers of Nevado Santa Isabel and Sierra Nevada del Cocuy o Guican! The cameras are in place clicking away! Everyone involved in #CumbresBlancas ! You are absolutely extraordinary. Cesar, Lili, Vero x2, Anita x2, Juan José, Nico, Dany, Juan, Cristian, Caro, German, Felipe, and many others, we love you guys :) The indigenous communities we have had the chance to meet, thank you for your guidance and blessings! All the organisations that have helped immensely for this adventure and with whom we will keep collaborating in the future! Selina Ideam Instituto Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia BIBO El Espectador And of course everyone involved in The Last Tropical Glaciers, this trip would not have been the same without you!

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