Episode 2: La Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy O Guican

This is episode 2 of our expedition to Colombia. This time, we are taking you to La Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy o Guican!

Going there was one crazy adventure! We got about 12H to reach the glaciers, install a time lapse from Enlaps and head back down the mountain. This place was completely out of this world, beyond beautiful!

Thank you to Jorge Luis Ceballos Lievano for the amazing time in the field and all the work that you do!

And of course big thanks to Cumbres Blancas Colombia for organising everything!


The numbers on a disappearing glacier: Conejeras Colombia

We spent 3 days on the Conejeras glacier last year, in the Los Nevados National Park. This is one of the most well-studied glacier in the country, with a long-term mass-balance monitoring program. Unfortunately we have just heard some sobering news directly from Dr. Jorge Luis Ceballos.


All the ablation stakes (essential to assess the health of the glacier) have now melted out, since no one has been allowed to visit the glacier since the beginning of the pandemic. Also,in a report summarising the health of the glacier from feb 2019 to feb 2020, the glacier has lost about 4.9 m water equivalent (so a loss in thickness of just over 4.9 m). The third worst mass balance since 2006. The glacier is now fragmented in two parts, the cut being at the narrowest part of the glacier (see pic above). To read the full report, click on the link below (in spanish):


New Video!

We are so happy to finally release the first "behind the scenes" / vlog on our time in Colombia. This was filmed over 5 days in the Los Nevados National Park. Happy watching!


Instagram Live with Nina Adjanin

Here is the full video of our instagram live! Heidi Sevestre is interviewing Nina Adjanin on her research in education, VR and 360°! Catch up with the interview here :)


Explore the tropical glaciers of Colombia in 360°

New 360° Video! We're not taking you to the glaciers this time, we're bringing the glaciers to you! This is the first of a long series, created by Nina Adjanin and her team, for our project!

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback, we are looking for ways to improve this technology for educational purposes.


Our First Video: The Last Tropical Glaciers in Colombia



While the world is on pause, we are looking at the future of our project and see where we could make a difference. One location we've been really passionate about is the  Rwenzori mountains, nested between Uganda and Condo. If you work in the area, or have worked, if you are interested in collecting data there, please let us know and collaborate! We're looking at going there summer 2020 but let's get rid of this pandemic first.



An elegy for Colombia's Tropical Glaciers.
"We are the place on Earth where glaciers shouldn't be, and they are here".

We are proud to have contributed to this amazing article written by Megan Janetsky for Atlas Obscura.
See the incredible work that Colombian Glaciologist, Dr. Jorge Luis Ceballos does every day to try and monitor the retreat of his glaciers.
Congratulations to Ideam Instituto and to our friends from Cumbres Blancas Colombia 



Check out the article from Outside Magazine published today about Bryan Mestre work in the tropical Andes!

How mountaineering can help science and vice versa!



Our own glaciologist Heïdi Sevestre was interviewed by El Tiempo to talk about the importance of tropical glaciers. Time to brush up your spanish skills!



We are back from our expedition in Colombia with the team Cumbres Blancas!

What an extraordinary trip this has been. We would like to thank so very much Marcela Fernandez and Estefania Angel for organising everything from climbing mountains to festivals and talks in various places.

Dr. Jorge Luis Ceballos from Ideam Instituto for sharing his passion, knowledge and for being an amazing human being, the guardian of these glaciers. His team! Cristian, Alejandro x 2, for all their help with the time lapse cameras.

Enlaps for providing two crucial instruments for monitoring the retreat of the glaciers of Nevado Santa Isabel and Sierra Nevada del Cocuy o Guican! The cameras are in place clicking away!

Everyone involved in #CumbresBlancas ! You are absolutely extraordinary. Cesar, Lili, Vero x2, Anita x2, Juan José, Nico, Dany, Juan, Cristian, Caro, German, Felipe, and many others, we love you guys :)

The indigenous communities we have had the chance to meet, thank you for your guidance and blessings!

All the organisations that have helped immensely for this adventure and with whom we will keep collaborating in the future! Selina Ideam Instituto Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia BIBO El Espectador

And of course everyone involved in The Last Tropical Glaciers, this trip would not have been the same without you!



In a little under two months we will be going to Colombia to go and visit their last tropical glaciers. We have been in touch with the project Cumbres Blancas for a while now (check out their amazing work here: and it was only a question of time before we organised a trip to their beautiful country.


The plan is to spend as much time as possible in the mountains, working with the Glaciologist Dr. Jorge Luis Ceballos from IDEAM, and meet the local communities who highly depend on the glaciers. The overall goal is to help and raise awareness on the disappearance of these glaciers.

The team will be composed of: Dr. Heïdi Sevestre, Nina Adjanin, and Antoine Kremer. We cannot wait to share our preparations with you. Watch this space! Picture from



Next Sunday! 6PM Paris time, 11AM Colombia, 5PM CET

Dr. Heidi Sevestre will be giving a talk on tropical glaciers for the Colombian project "Cumbres Blancas". So happy to take part in this wonderful adventure! They aim to raise awareness on the last glaciers of the country and find solutions to save as much of these glaciers as possible.

You can watch the replay of the talk here:

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